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A/C for classic Cars - Coldmaster inc

AC Kits

and parts

Our universal A/C kits work great in any car or truck, but it's important to check if you have enough space to mount the parts. Please read the item description and review all the pictures, especially the underdash dimensions, to understand what the kit includes and doesn't include. The kit has all the A/C components listed in the description, but it doesn't come with a compressor bracket because it's designed to fit different engines and preferences. To complete the installation, you'll need a 508 compressor with a 2 A pulley or 8 groove pulley (if you need a PK8 pulley, please let us know after your purchase). 


Please, read the item description and look at all the pictures, especially the one with the underdash dimensions and make sure you have the space needed and understand exactly what this kit is all about. The kit includes all the A/C components you see in the description and also note the parts not  included. For a successful installation you will need a compressor bracket, not included because the kit is based in an universal set up, so it can be installed in any car that has the space for it. Our compressor is the 508 with either a 2 A pulley or an 8 groove pulley. If you need a PK8 pulley just let us know either on your purchase order or just write again only after you have purchase the kit


Our kits come without mounting brackets for the 508 compressor.   The reason is very simple: they are different from engine to engine and from customers' needs and likes.   There are many companies that specialize in these brackets.   You can search for 508 compressor bracket in any site of your choice and you will find many different options   Just pick the one more suitable to your needs



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