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A/C for classic Cars - Coldmaster inc

We are experts in
A/C for antique cars 
special vehicles

We are your source for all your automobile parts and accessories.
We specialize in A/C parts and systems for all makes and models. 



Key technologies

High Quality & Performance

Our carefully sourced components deliver the highest performance in all climates, providing our customers with outstanding quality, at an unbeatable price point.

A/C Kits

At Coldmaster, we take pride in producing A/C kits that provide you with high cooling or heating performance, and deliver the ultimate comfort for your antique masterpiece!

Customizing, aesthetic & flexibility

Our equipment is designed to look in the most aesthetic way inside your antique car, we take care of every detail such as the design of the ventilation, the color of the equipment and its non-invasive installation method for the view of your vehicle.



Coldmaster is a manufacturer of air conditioning for Special vehicles and antique cars. Our equipment is cherished by our customers due to it's high overall quality, and efficiency when cooling the cabin. Our products are engineered with versatily as it's main core value, delivering flexibility and multiple options to our final users, offering a broad line of products for multiple applications in all types of vehicles

Coldmaster Inc
Heat / Cool for classic Cars - Coldmaster


Brands compatible with our equipment

Since 2010, Coldmaster has greatly developed the expertise and knowledge in the antique car business, by applying key climate control concepts learned through out large A/C equipment for buses and trucks since 1999. Our products are the result of multiple minds coming together to deliver the ultimate climate control experience for your antique car, while keeping the efficiency and aesthetics of your beloved antique beauty.

Air conditioning for special vehicles - Coldmaster
Air conditioning for antique cars - Coldmaster

The best AC
for antique cars

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