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A/C for classic car - Coldmaster Inc

AC Kits

and parts

  • Inludes:


    • New Electrical Harness

    This is a complete electrical harness “Plug and Play” to easily connect all the components of this kit and designed for a basic car or trucks applications.




    Coldmaster employs advanced tech and strict quality checks for every universal compressor. Each one undergoes thorough testing for noise, function, leaks, and pressure. Rest assured, you're getting top-notch quality.


    Compressor Specifications:

    Displacement  25ml/r

    Voltage :12V

    Rated speed : 2600rpm

    Speedrange: 1000-2600 rpm

    Max Speed:  7000rpm

    Noise : ultra-quiet operation  52 to 60 decibels 

    Refrigerant: R134a

    Refrigerant oil: POE68


    Generator (battery) request :   

    12V compressor require generator ampere over 100A;

    DON'T RUN the compressor without adding R134a gas (Freon) and connecting with other parts! 


    Compressor needs to be mounted in a flat surface


    • Condenser Parallel Flow

    14X20in (18mm Core Depth) 4 Rails Aluminum


    • Evaporator Underdash



    HIGH-QUALITY CASE22 pass 4way all Aluminum coil

    Expansion valve 1.5 TonThermostat and rotative 3-speed blower switch

    Mounting brackets and drain hose and T included

    22,000BTU capacity 390 CFM


    26.65 X 11.093 x 5.55 (see pictures)



    • 1 - COLDMASTER HOSES SET (includes)

    Our high-quality, smaller-diameter hoses are meticulously designed to facilitate more precise bends, resulting in cleaner installations, especially in confined spaces.
    #6 5/16 = 9 FT #8 13/32 = 5 FT #10 1/2 = 8 FT 


    • 1 - CM-QUICK-FIT FITTING SET  (includes)

    New Upgraded Coldmaster Products for your Kits! 
    Revive Your Vintage Ride with CM-QUICK-FIT: 
    Effortless A/C Excellence! Simplify Installation, 
    Save on Tools, and Enjoy Leak-Free Efficiency. DIY-Friendly for a Deeper Connection with Your Classic Car. Reduce Downtime and Labor Costs 

    Quantity of fittings on last Picture


    • Drier w/pressure switch

    2.5 X 7.5 in 3/8MIO X 3/8MIO W/ 1/4 CP ROI


    • New Condenser fan


    Introducing our new the upgraded Pusher Universal Condenser Fan 12V. Get unparalleled performance with a stronger, longer-lasting 120W fan motor. 12" diameter for extensive coverage, operating at 13.5V. Trust in its 6 AMP capacity for high-stress situations. Upgraded with stronger, longer-lasting fan motor with 4-pole permanent magnet that will keep your systems running at their best

    Universal Underdash A/C Kit 12V 228-1B /w CM Quick Fit Sys / Electric Compressor

    SKU: CM QF KIT 228-1B 12V EC
    $1,217.23 Regular Price
    $1,034.65Sale Price