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  • Ideal for LSX LS1 Engine Swap Conversion A/C Line Compressor Adapter Fitting

    A/C Compressor Manifold Fitting, Adapter, Aluminum, Natural, #10 Suction and #8 Discharge


    LSX LS1 AC Compressor Fitting Adapter was designed 

    with the right clearance to fit without any modification to your compressor

    If you want to use your stock compressor? Now you can, with Coldmaster compressor adapter blocks.


    These adapters let you connect your current setup to our  Universal A/C Kits. 

    compressor adapters used to convert a stock compressor to aftermarket hoses. The adapters are standard #8 discharge and #10 suction fittings.

     Discharge fitting has standard 3/4″-16  

    Suction fitting has 7/8″-14 threads


    Please check to ensure your inlet/outlet configuration is the same as in the  photos before ordering.

    New LSX LS1 Swap New AC Compressor Adapter Fitting

    SKU: 08QYM003
    $49.77 Regular Price
    $46.26Sale Price

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