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A/C for classic car - Coldmaster Inc

AC Kits

and parts

  • Universal A/C System

    Compact Back Wall Or Cabin

    Heat and Cool Evaporator Unit

    Excellect for HD Vehicles

    Compressor SD 5H14 Sanden Type 2A Groove 12v can be change to a serpentine type compressor, just let us know

    Condenser Parallel Flow 14H X 25L X 18W Fitting In #8 Out #6

    Sburon universal air conditioning unit A0CF00201ES

    Made in Italy 

    12 Volt 

    Product Specifications:

    Part No.:  A0CF00201ES

    Cooling Capacity: 29,000 BTU/Hr 

    Heating Capacity: 25,500 BTU/Hr

    Air Flow: 441 CFM (750 m3/h)

    Weight: 22 lbs. (9.8 kg)

    Motor: Three-speed field wound

    2 TON Expansion Valve

    Current Draw: 15 amps

    Refrigerant: R-134a

    Power: 12 VDC

    15.5″H X 15.5″W X 5.75″D



    A/C Hoses  #6 (5/16) X 17FT
    A/C Hoses #8 (13/32)X 8FT
    A/C Hoses  #10 (1/2) X 14FT
    With A/C Fittings and clamp/ferrules

    Please contact us for extra hoses if needed

    4 Port Rectangle Firewall Bulkhead A/C Billet

    Alum Polished Finish AN10 3/8″

    Heater side fittings not included ( fitting size 7/8″ -14)

    *Heater Hoses not inlcuded*

    Filter Drier o ring  w/binary pressure switch

    2 Condenser fan 12 inch 12 AMP  12 Volts

    A/C Universal Kit 201ES Cabin Heat and Cool 12V A/C 29.000Btus / H 25.000 Btus

    SKU: CM-KIT-201ES 12V
    $2,102.95 Regular Price
    $1,787.51Sale Price

    Equip your vehicle with high powered A/C!!
    If you have any questions please call +1-727-330-8557
    Se habla español

    *Not include mounting bracket for compressor*
    *Not include gas R134a*

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