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A/C for classic car - Coldmaster Inc

AC Kits

and parts

  • New Electrical Harness

    This is a complete electrical harness “Plug and Play” to easily connect all the components of this kit and designed for a basic car or trucks applications.

    Lengths are set from the Relay:

    To the Under-dash evaporator (green wire) 5 ft.’s

    To Pressure switch (on the drier) and ground 24 inches

    To Compressor 6 ft.’s and Condenser fan 9 ft.’s


    Compressor SD 508 Sanden Type 2A
    Groove 24v can be change to a serpentine type compressor, just let us know

    Condenser Parallel Flow
    14X20in (18mm Core Depth) 4 Rails Aluminum

    Evaporator Underdash Model CM-432-000
    High quality case 30 pass 4 way all aluminum coil
    Expansion valve 1.5 Ton
    Thermostat and rotative 3speed blower switch
    Mounting brackets and drain hose and T included
    12,700BTU capacity 359 CFM (real) do not get confused


    #6 5/16= 6 FT
    #8 13/32= 4 FT
    #10 1/2= 5 FT
    W/Fitting and clamp filter

    Drier w/pressure switch
    2.5 X 7.5 in 3/8MIO X 3/8MIO W/ 1/4 CP ROI

    Condenser fan
    12″ Diameter 24 Volts 80W 6 AMP
    Reversable – 4 Mounting Brackets included

    10 ” A/C Flex Hose
    4 Chrome Louvers of 2.5 inches inside diameter

    A/C Kit Universal Underdash Evaporator 12.700BTU 432-0 DC 24Volts W/Elec Harness

    SKU: CM KIT 432-000DC 24V
    $672.50 Regular Price
    $571.63Sale Price

    Equip your vehicle with high powered A/C!!
    If you have any questions please call +1-727-330-8557
    Se habla español

    *Not include mounting bracket for compressor*
    *Not include gas R134a*

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