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  • Sanden Style SD508 A/C Compressor
    Sanden Style SD508 A/C Compressor; R134A Series; 2A or 8 Groove Pulley, Please let us know


    Universal Fit Compressor
    100 Percent New Components

    York and Tecumseh to Sanden Air Conditioning Compressor Bracket / Mounting Kit

    Adapts York bracket to Sanden style SD508, 510, 709, 7H15, 7H16 and many other Sanden and Seltec.

    Eliminate the old York Style compressor, and convert to a Sanden style compressor.

    This adapter plate will allow you to remove the heavy York compressor and replace it with a new style Sanden compressor.

    Nice Replacement Compressor Mount Kit (Adjustable Style), Universal, For Conversion From York & Tecumseh To Sanden Style, Ear Mount Compressor

    Hardware Included

    Simply bolt on where you took the old York Compressor off

    Also used on applications where engine brackets are not made.

    The plate can also be used as a starting point for fabricating a custom bracket to mount a Sanden compressor.

    508 Sanden Style A/C Compressor and Tecumseh to Sanden Compressor Bracket Kit C

    SKU: CM_5H14_2900FC
    $393.25 Regular Price
    $310.50Sale Price

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